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Reading through the Bible in one year, this week's schedule:

This week we complete the Book of Judges and begin Ruth. In Judges: Abimelech kills his brothers, the children of Israel sin again, Jephthah leads Israel to victory against the children of Ammon, Samson is born, Samson chooses a Philistine wife (Delilah), Samson judges Israel, Samson pulls down the house and dies, Israel takes revenge on the tribe of Benjamin. In Ruth: Naomi's husband dies and she sends daughter-in-law Ruth to live a separate life in a land not troubled by famine, Ruth meets Boaz in Bethlehem and marries - the Book of Ruth ends with a genealogy until King David:
Sunday (3-25): Judges 8 - 9
Monday (3-26): Judges 10 - 11
Tuesday (3-27): Judges 12 - 1
Wednesday (3-28): Judges 15 - 17
Thursday (3-29): Judges 18 - 19
Friday (3-30): Judges 20 - 21
Saturday (3-31): Ruth 1 - 4

The Lord blesses those who read His Holy Word. May God bless you and your family this week, and always!

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